Carolina Sugar Gliders

And Other Small Exotics


Below are our basic Policies on Shipping, Health Guarantee, Breeding or Non Breeding Contract, Etc.

For every animal we sell we have an adoption contract that we require you to fill out. The information below will all be on the contract which you will receive a copy of. We will have a few places for you to sign and we will also need your basic info. Name, Address, Phone #, Etc.

Most of that info is required by USDA since most of the animals we breed are regulated species. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and ask. We will provide a copy of this for you at the time of deposit or pickup if you are purchasing a ready to go animal.


We do offer shipping to any legal state within the USA. Currently we ship all of our critters except Tortoises. Shipping is done via climate controlled cargo through United Airlines or Delta.

Shipping Typically via United is $150 And Delta is $250. Cost includes Ticket Price, Crate Fee And Gas.

Your animal must be picked up/shipped no more than two weeks after the animal’s agreed upon ready date.  Failure to do so will forfeit adopters animal and any payments made.  If adopter is unable to pick up within the two week period for some reason, please contact us and a new pick up date may be made at our discretion. We (Carolina Sugar Gliders) reserve the right to stop an adoption at anytime during the process if we feel it would be in the animals best interest.  If we exercise this right, a refund will be given to the adopter.


All Deposits and/or Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. We do require deposits to be on our waiting lists or to hold a specific animal. If payment plans are agreed upon, payments must be made on time.  Payments will be made on either a weekly, monthly basis or in two installments.   If adopter is unable to make payment at the scheduled time, we (CSG) must be contacted.  If payments are not made on time and we are not notified, the animal and any previous payments will be forfeited.

Health Guarantee

Your animal has a 72 hour health guarantee.  Your animal must be taken to a veterinarian within 72 hours of arrival for a health check, or immediately if the animal is showing signs of illness.  All fees, tests and vet bills are the responsibility of the adopter.  Failure to comply will void the health guarantee.  Should the animal become ill within 72 hours due to parasites or a similar condition that is directly related to Carolina Sugar Glider or the establishment, and the animal has not been exposed to any other animal, CSG will pay vet bills directly related to the medical condition.  A medical exam will be needed by a qualified vet to prove illness.  Should the animal pass away within 72 hours, due to parasites or a similar condition that is directly related to CSG or their establishment plus the animal has not been exposed to any other animal, you have the right to receive a replacement of the animal with the next available animal of lesser or equal value at adopters choice.  A medical exam/necropsy will be needed by a qualified Veterinarian to prove a covered illness at the expense of the adopter.  Trauma, stress related illnesses, and bacterial infections are NOT covered.  Adopter is responsible to watch for stressors and stress symptoms.   Should symptoms arise, adopter is responsible to get the animal to the vet immediately.  All bills incurred for stress related illnesses will be the responsibility of the adopter.  This guarantee does not cover accidents, acts of god, neglect, or mistreatment of any kind.

Animal Return

If at a later date you are unwilling or unable to keep this pet, we require that you first contact Carolina Sugar Gliders for the option to reclaim this pet at no charge with the exception of actual shipping/transporting costs.  If we (CSG) are unable or unwilling to reclaim the pet, the adopter will be permitted to find a suitable home that must be approved by the CSG.

Breeding And Non Breeding Contract

We sell the majority of our animals as pet only. Some of the animals we sell are solitary animals and do not live with a cage mate. If the animals requires a cage mate/friend then out vet does neuter all the males so you wont have to worry about it. 

If we sell you a pet only animal you must agree to abide by the private non breeding agreement with Carolina Sugar Gliders on your described animal.  Any violations and/or breach of this private agreement will constitute an agreed amount of set fines as follows:

$500.00 fine for each breeding breach.

$250.00 fine for each offspring of the above described animal.

The breaching party is responsible for all legal expenses.  If the above described animal is bred while this private agreement is in effect, ownership and physical possession of the animal and all offspring shall immediately revert to Carolina Sugar Gliders with no compensation to the adopter. Adopter must understand that if the adopter breeds the described animal on purpose or by accident, it will constitute a violation of the private agreement.  Set fines mentioned are due and payable immediately to Carolina Sugar Gliders.

For us to void a non breeding contract and allow you to breed you must be Licensed If Required For Any Regulated Species. You also must show us the potential mate's lineage/pedigree that you have lined up so we can make sure they are not related and that the COI% work out properly.