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Quotes My son adopted a baby hedgie and it was a wonderful experience. I have never seen such amazing quality of care in animals as Sarah and Ryan provide. We were able to first hand see the temperments of all of the animals they had at the time and each one was so friendly. The hedgehog we bought was very tame and very sweet. He is such a curoius and funny little fellow. We had a hedgehog once before and he hissed a lot and was shy. Sarah and Ryan make sure that their pets are friendly and very social. We were provided with a contract, all of our questions answered, the ability to continue to ask questions in the future, as well as information and other items that we needed. Overall, the experience was wonderful and we will reccommend them to anyone who wants an exotic pet as well as turn to them for any future purchases. We love our baby hedgie!!!!!! Quotes
Dawn Helps
Hedgehog baby

Quotes We are former pet therapists with the Delta Society( taking some of our domestic & exotic pets to nursing homes, schools, special needs facilities ect,) We saw an ad for the mini opposums and decided we would like one but we didnt know anything about them. We had alot of questions which were all answered promptly anytime I called,texted or e-mailed while waiting for our opposum to be weaned, It was good to know once we had our baby home with us that we had that continued support. The facility is immaculate and all the animals there are super happy,healthy and loved.I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a Glider Hedgehog or Opposum. Quotes
Mike & Ami McKenzie
Proud possum parents

Quotes I have adopted 2 sugar gliders from Sarah and Ryan and they are the sweetest most social gliders I have ever been around. From day one of these babies being OOP they are loved on and played with. I cant even begin to tell you what a difference this makes when adopting a glider. My babies will let ANYONE hold them and love on them. Sarah is amazing about sending pictures and updates on the babies until they are ready to come home. If I adopt another glider, I wouldnt even think about going to someone else because these babies are pure sugar. Cant get any sweeter :D -VERY happy Mommy <3 Quotes
Happiest Glider Mommy EVER

Quotes I purchased two standard gliders from Carolina Sugar Gliders and I am pleased with my purchase. My gliders bonded super easy are a delight to my family. I have not had any problems with my gliders at all. They've taken to their diet and their new home. Thanks for the fun times! Quotes
Satisfied Parent
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