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Quotes When I first saw Ryan's add for Hedgehogs and the pictures he posted, I knew I wanted one! When I contacted him, he was very nice, honest and upfront and very knowledgeable and didn't mind my many questions. Overall, I believe we've exchanged over 40 emails in a few weeks time! I had owned a Hedgie for a short time, once before, and had a bad experience, but with Ryan's help, I gained knowledge and confidence that the Hedgie was right for me. When I decided on which to get, I was very excited to see her in the many pictures he sent. My Hyacinth was adorable! I couldn't wait for her to come home! She has turned out to be the sweetest Hedgehog in the world! I give credit to Ryan for handling her often and socializing her so she would be friendly and not fearful. I have had her a week now, and she is wonderful! Healthy! Eating fine. No problems! And I know if I have any questions, I can contact Ryan! Quotes
Joanne Cummings
New Mom to the Sweetest Hedgie on Earth!

Quotes I happened to come across an ad for rex rats sold by Ryan and Sarah. After texting a bit about the available babies and checking out their website, we decided to go ahead and make the purchase. We drove out to their facility about 2 hours away and were very impressed with both Ryan's friendliness and knowledge and with the cleanliness of the facility. We fell in love and wound up getting rex AND dumbo rats. They have been very healthy and I look forward to purchasing from them again. Quotes
Crystal Poyfair
Rat Testimonial

Quotes We've had our little hedgehog Penny for a few weeks now and she's been great! Taking care of her has been very easy and she is so friendly. She's always happy to play and snuggle with us. We are obsessed with her and are very pleased with the good job Ryan and Sarah did raising her before we got her. Sarah's and Ryan's willingness to help in the adoption process is very impressive to us and says a lot about their dedication to their animals! Any and every question we've had has been answered very quickly and accurately. If you ever want a little hedgie, Ryan and Sarah are the people to see! Quotes
Mike and Caroline
Happy Hedgie Owner

Quotes I have never owned a hedgehog before and was obviously very nervous about the experience. Sarah and Ryan were great! They sent pictures along the way and answered any question I had quickly and accurately. They were so flexible with the pick up time and I was really impressed how clean and organized their set up is. They assured me that I had their continued support even after I took my hedgie home! The hedgehog has a great temperament and we are already getting along great! Thank you! Quotes
Devon Moeller
Amazing Experience!

Quotes I want to first start off by saying Thank You to both Sarah & Ryan. You both are amazing and you breed with so much love for the animals and it shows when you get them. My experience with Sarah & Ryan is a bit different. My son bought a sugar glider from a local flea market where we live. We soon discovered that he got a glider that hadn't been held much if any. I stumbled upon Sarah & Ryan's website and emailed them for some advice. To my surprise Sarah emailed me back almost immediately and was so forthcoming with her knowledge and quickly gave us several things to try. My son tried everything and was quickly getting nowhere with his glider, who he named Stitch. He was quickly becoming discouraged. I asked Sarah if they would consider working with Stitch. Ryan agreed and worked with Stitch for 2 weeks. My son and I are amazed with Stitch's transformation. He is calm, likes to be held and isn't biting us anymore. If your looking for a breeder...look no more. Thanks! Quotes
Jennifer & Dylan Riggers

Quotes I purchased two male sugar gliders from Sara and Ryan, and I am extremely happy with both of my little guys! They are happy, friendly little gliders who fit right into the family from the start. Sara and Ryan were a pleasure to buy from, they were extremely helpful in answering my questions before I made the final decision to purchase gliders (I'm a first time owner). I've had them for a few weeks now, and I can still rely on them to answer any follow up questions I have. They have a very clean facility. I would definitely recommend Sara and Ryan if you are looking at buying sugar gliders! Quotes
Lori Simpfenderfer

Quotes Looking for a pet? I can say with confidence this is the place to go I have never seeen a cleaner enviroment in which these pets are raised, and Ryan what can I say other than he loves what he is doing cause he has no problem answering any questions at any time to help you have the best experience possible with your new pet I got a great bill of health from my vet and have had no problem handling him you can tell alot of time and love has been spent with his pets before you get it. So if you are interested this is the place to go you can not go wrong. Getting a pet from this is not like getting one from a pet store these pets have been handled and shown love from the start so you have a great beginning to build on. Thanks F. Hodges Proud Mom Quotes
Fraances Hodges
Proud Mom

Quotes I recently adopted a hedgehog (Percy) from Sarah and Ryan & can't say enough about how fantastic an experience it was. During the month or so before he was able to come home, they were nice enough to send me updates and new pictures of him so I could follow his progress. They helped educate us on his care and were clearly very concerned about him having a good home. As someone involved in animal rescue, I was happy to see a breeder who truly cares about their animals and goes above and beyond to make sure they are well cared for. We had the opportunity to see all of the animals in their care and it was clear that they treat all of them as pets with clean, spacious homes, toys and extra comforts, and plenty of love and attention. Our little guy has already become a member of the family. If you are looking to adopt a new pet I would highly recommend Sarah and Ryan. Quotes
Brandi Close
Excited New Hedgehog Owner

Quotes We got our hedgehog from Ryan and Sarah and we couldn't have found a more loving and caring breeder!! I asked a million question and got a million and one answers. Ryan sent me pictures of our little girl so we could watch her grow. I requested a set up because I wasn't sure what to get and all that. So they went out of their way to get it. I was nervous when we picked her up but after He told me all the do's and do nots I felt much more confident. She is such a loving little hedgehog. We just love her. Thank you for being so patient and doing what your doing. Couldn't have asked for a better place to get my little girl from!!!!!!! Quotes
Proud Hesgehog Mom of Quillian

Quotes As a previous glider owner I have experienced the good and bad of glider breeders. I will have to say that Ryan stands behind what he says. We have fallen in love with our new baby. She was much more beautiful in person than I ever imagined. She is the sweetest glider and that tells what kind of breeder Ryan is. He handles his gliders with the utmost care and gives them all the love that they need. Cannot wait to hopefully recieve another one of his gliders for my daughter. I would HIGHLY recommend this breeder. I promise you will not regret it! Quotes
Cindy Heatherly
Proud Mom of Holly :)