Carolina Sugar Gliders

And Other Small Exotics


Quotes I researched gliders for about a year prior to purchasing any. After moving to SC from NYC I began my search for a breeder so that I could finally own my first sugar gliders. After a couple of weeks of correspondence with various breeders, I stumbled upon Ryan and Sarah. I traveled to Aiken and purchased my first three gliders. Recently after a year of having my original three gliders I decided to contact Ryan about purchasing another exotic pet; little did I know I was going to be adopting a colony of 5 rescue Gliders. I now own 8 Gliders, and love every one of them. Ryan truly has the patience and the care to help people be the best glider parents they can be. He has guided me every step of the way, and continues to do so. It is refreshing to have breeders who care about their Gliders and their clients. Thanks Ryan and Sarah! Quotes
Jonathan Cawley
Glider Lover

Quotes I cannot say enough about Sarah and Ryan. My husband had been wanting sugar gliders for about a year, & I just wasn't sure where to turn, there are some awful 'breeders' out there. I found their website and shot off an email. Sarah wrote back within minutes. Before I even gave them a dime to get on a waiting list, Sarah wrote back to me numerous times and answered even more questions. By the time our sweet glider came home, although I'd been nervous as it was all new to me, I felt totally at ease. We sent fleece with our scents on it as Sarah suggested, and within a day our glider was at ease with us. You are guaranteed a super pet if you invest in a glider from Sarah and Ryan, and be assured no matter how many questions you have, they will always be there for you... This isn't just business to them, they truly love the animals. We LOVE our sweet Eleanor & can't wait to bring home her cagemate, Franklin! Thank you Sarah and Ryan for the newest additions to our family! Quotes
Kristen Smith
THRILLED New Glider Mom

Quotes I adopted two wonderful gliders from Ryan and Sarah and couldn't be happier. They are wonderful babies and Sarah has helped me out a lot. Any questions I have had she is always on it, and always responds to my messages right away. I've bought several other animals from them, they are just amazing , caring people. It seems Ryan and Sarah's personalities have rubbed off on there animals. They truely care for each and ever animal no matter what, and want the best for their babies and their new owners. They wanna make sure the customer is happy.I really wouldn't buy from any other people. Quotes
Ariel & Justin
Owner of two wonderful sugar gliders

Quotes I recently purchased a Sulcata and couldn't be more pleased! Ryan and Sarah were extremely helpful throughout the process! Quotes
Misty Brewer
Sulcata Tortiose

Quotes A shout out to Ryan Reuber! We got home with the boys and they fell asleep almost instantly. I can't say enough about Ryan and his abilities and knowledge with the exotics he breeds. Rats are not exotics but he gave me the same attention that he'd give to any other customer. The support doesn't last til you walk out his door... it's ongoing. smile emoticon Thanks Ryan! Quotes
Tanya Wolf
My new baby ratties

Quotes We are so grateful for all of the help and guidance that Sarah and Ryan have given us over the past month. We made a very big mistake and impulsively bought a single glider from a large company with disreputable breeding practices. Our poor baby girl was extremely distressed and fearful of everything around her. After doing a lot of research about breeders, we found out about Ryan and Sarah from several sources and after my first email with Sarah, I knew they could help us. We came to get a 2 yo glider from them to help our baby girl learn to deal with the world, and he was such a calm gentleman that we were completely amazed that a glider would just immediately jump onto our shoulder and snuggle under our shirts. He stole our hearts, but unfortunately, our poor baby was already too far gone with stress to make it. Sarah and Ryan were so compassionate and helpful through the entire process, and we went back to them to get 2 more gliders who continue to amaze us also. Thank You! Quotes
The Richters
Happy Glider Family

Quotes My cousin just got two rats yesterday from here and they are so much sweeter than we expected! So happy with these boys. They're cuddly and loving, like tiny kittens. We were so appreciative that we met halfway so we didn't have to drive ALL the way there. Thank you and if our family needs any more pets we know where to go. Quotes
Bianca Valdez
Satisfied Customer!

Quotes Thanks for the rats Carolina Sugar Gliders. We are so happy to have our babies. Also, thanks for quick responses when inquiring about the litter. We love Hercules and Hulk. Quotes
Amber Brooks
Satisfied Mom To Two New Rats!

Quotes My daughter and I each got a short tailed Brazilian opossum off of Ryan and the whole transaction was great and the little fur babies are healthy and well socialized!!!!! Quotes
Gayle Swaboda
Happy Short Tail Opossum Owner

Quotes I wanted to leave feedback on the two baby Mini Brazilian opposiums we bought from Mr.Ryan on Fri 23. The furbabies are very healthy and well takin care of. Mr Ryan was very nice and explained everything to us about the furbabies. He is always available if we have any questions. We will definitely be buying more furbabies from him in the near future. Thank you so much. We love are furbabies! Quotes
Nikki Swaboda
Happy Short Tail Opossum Owner
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